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The Aligned Accelerator

A 6-week container that will empower you to step into self-awareness and overcome what’s keeping you from attracting the life you desire.

Inside The Aligned Accelerator you’ll learn: 

  • What alignment truly means and how it can show up for you even if you feel overwhelmed by starting your personal development journey. 

  • How to discover YOUR story and how parts of your story are holding you back from attracting the life you want. 

  • How to listen to your body and regulate your nervous system in a way that allows you to control your emotions and unlock your truth. 

  • How to reprogram the beliefs that no longer serve you so you can finally step into a life that is full of abundance, joy, and love.

  • How to embody your future vision and learn the energetics of alignment to attract your dream life and step into full life alignment. 

**** PLUS ****

🌟 Each week you’ll be invited to a 1-hour group coaching session where we dive deeper into the modules, hold space to answer all your questions, and support you through your journey into personal development. 

🌟 Inside the modules, you will also find video lessons and curated workbooks to guide you deeper into awareness as you navigate your alignment process. 

🌟 You’ll also have access to two 75 minute deep dives with Head Coach Lauren, a 45 minute 1x1 clarity session with a certified Alignment Coach, and a private community with others who are on the same journey as you, for both support and celebration as you move throughout the program.

Hi, I’m Lauren Zoeller, Love & Relationship Coach for men & women who are ready to prioritize themselves and attract an aligned life.  

It wasn’t long ago that I was exactly where you are now. Feeling defeated, unworthy, and to be honest, lost. 

From the outside, I looked like I had everything: a successful coaching business, a comfortable lifestyle, freedom… But there was a huge gap in my life that only seemed to weigh heavier each time I tried to ignore it. 

The shift? Realizing I was radically in control of my life and that I had to heal my core wounds, discover my story, and declare my non-negotiable needs to create a life I loved.

Three years later, I’ve taught hundreds of men and women to do the same and step into their truth. 

Repeat after me… “You are worthy of the life you desire.” 

xo - Lauren. 


You’re ready to throw in the towel on life because you’re exhausted, stagnant, or you believe you can’t really “have it all”. 

Your friends make it look so easy, and you compare your personal situation on a regular basis feeling like you just can’t seem to figure it out. 

You feel controlled by your emotions, and you often compromise on your deep desires because you feel like what you actually want is too much.

You rush into financial decisions, relationships, and lifestyle choices because you feel like you need to fill a void.

You’ve downloaded tons of guides on ‘How To Manifest The Life You Desire,’ but you want deeper guidance because they’ve left you confused & frustrated. 

You’re new to personal development, and the thought scares you a little, but you want to move forward with your life and meet others who are sharing the same journey as you. 

You’re ready to commit to yourself and attract the life you deserve. 



Doing the inner work and being in alignment doesn’t just mean that you feel safe, seen, and valued; it has a ripple effect on your whole life. 

Our incredible clients are now crushing their career goals, healing generational trauma, and finally owning their life. 

The moment you decide what you want is the moment the universe will begin to shift in your favor. Without healing, the cycle continues. 

The Alignment Accelerator is the door to your new reality. 

Now is the time to step in. 🖤


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Through her own healing journey, Sam transitioned out of her long-time career as a salon owner when she discovered that her desire to help people was more than just skin-deep. 

With a focus on codependency recovery, Sam began tying spirituality and brain science into one all-encompassing journey by becoming a shaman and a certified alignment coach. 

Sam loves a good book and cuddles with her Frenchie fur-children. She is excited to help you find joy in the little (and big!) moments in your life.

See you on the inside 🖤